Was Rishabh Pant’s money looted during nasty car crash? Life-saver bus driver reveals truth

Indian cricket fans and stakeholders woke up to the shocking news of Rishabh Pant being involved in a serious car accident on Friday morning. Pant, who was travelling to Roorkee to surprise his mother and celebrate new year’s at his native house crashed his car into a divider on the Delhi-Dehradun highway.

The incident took place around 5:30 AM IST near Roorkee as Pant’s car burst into flames. The Indian cricketer admitted that he dozed off while driving. Pant’s car burst into flames immediately after the crash. The 24-year-old broke the windshield to escape the car and survive the impact.

After the accident, some rumours had spread that Pant was looted by locals in the area after the crash. However, an eye-witness has denied these claims and stated he personally handed the Indian cricketer all the cash back that was lying on the road. “He had also scattered his money on the road, which we picked up and handed them to him in his hands,” bus driver Susheel was quoted to the media by Hindustan Times.

It has emerged that Susheel was the first to the scene. Susheel stopped his bus, which was on the other side of the road and immediately came to Pant’s rescue. Susheel stated that he and his conductor rescued him and were later joined by three more people. He stated that Pant quickly identified himself as they called for help.

“I am a driver with Haryana Roadways, Panipat depot. Our bus has left Haridwar at 4:25 in the morning. I was on my way when I saw a car, being driven at a lot of speed, got disbalanced and crashed into the divider. After the impact, the car landed on the wrong side of the road – the one that goes to Delhi. The car had screeched onto the second lane of the road seeing which I immediately applied the brakes. The car had already caught sparks so I and the conductor rushed to get him out of the car. By then the fire has started. Then, three more people came running and got him on a safe side,” Susheel said

“We began to cry for help but no one came. I called the National Highway, no one answered. Then I ran up the police and the conductor called for an ambulance. We kept asking him he is he fine. Offered him some water. After regrouping, he told us he is Rishabh Pant. I don’t follow cricket so I didn’t know who he was but my conductor then told me ‘Sushil… he is an India cricketer’,” he added.

Susheel further revealed that when they met Pant, he had no clothes on and his face was completely covered in blood. “He gave us his mother’s number. We called her but her phone was switched off. The ambulance arrived after 15 minutes and we got in him. I asked him if he was alone in the car. He said there is no one. His face was covered in blood and his clothes torn and his back was scratched. He was panicking and limping,” said Susheel.

Later, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) issued a statement and revealed that Pant has two cuts on his forehead, a ligament tear in his right knee and has also hurt his right wrist, ankle, toe and has suffered abrasion injuries on his back.

According to eyewitness accounts, Rishabh Pant’s Mercedes Benz car first hit a divider before catching fire near Roorkee city of the hill state. The India batter, however, was lucky to escape through one of the windows of the car.

Though he managed to evade death, the left-hander did suffer multiple injuries, including cuts on his forehead, a ligament tear in his right knee, and a fracture in one of his legs.

He underwent forehead plastic surgery at the Max hospital in Dehradun on Saturday. The cricket star is currently stable and out of danger.

“Rishabh Pant underwent a minor plastic surgery near his forehead. A 3-member DDCA team is reaching Dehradun in an hour. BCCI is constantly in touch with the doctors at Max Hospital and with Pant’s family. He is currently stable and out of danger. We are yet to decide whether he needs to be shifted to Delhi or not,” DDCA director Shyam Sharma told reporters after visiting him at the hospital on Saturday.

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